Twisted Nerve/Kill Bill

S01E01 Pilot / S01E05 Halloween pt. 2

As submitted by Anonymous:

I’ve always noticed multiple references throughout the show as well. One thing that stood out to me was the song Tate was whistling. It was originally used in the 1968 film “Twisted Nerve” (as well as Kill Bill). In the film, the main character Martin has a younger mentally challenged brother, his father passes away, his mother finds a new husband, and he likes this girl and kills anyone who gets in his way. I definitely think Tate’s character was modeled after Martin.

As mentioned above, the Twisted Nerve theme (by previously established AHS favorite, Bernard Herrmann) was also featured in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. The song scores a scene in which Elle Driver calmly walks down a hospital hallway, staring straight forward, preparing to kill an unsuspecting (and unconscious) Bride. While she doesn’t like The Bride, Elle remarks that her death is one born of respect.

This is mirrored by Tate’s walk down Westfield High’s halls before he starts shooting classmates. Both scenes also involve characters who wear a sort of costume (Tate’s skeleton makeup and Elle’s nurse uniform) to complete their task.

As Kill Bill was released many years after Tate’s death, this part of the reference is obviously from the writers’ behalf, not from the character himself.

Extra thanks to dontopentildoomsday for also submitting!

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